OK, I have just picked this up from videogum, holy moly, and a bunch of other places. I struggle with this for so many reasons.

Firstly, unless we have all been duped, this ad (one of three) is legitimate. I found them here

Second, it is Friday. I struggle with lots of things on a Friday.

Third, it really does look like an Apple Mac in the ad.

Fourth, and I am no Ad Agency creative director, but isn’t the casting a little strange.

Lastly, for a product that wants to help people have fun with song creation, the execution is just so poor. It might work for an audience who watch Little House on the Prairie re-runs, but honestly, who else is this stuff aimed at?

I know that some might say that the music in this ad sounds very close to some of the stuff that regularly charts – so maybe I have got this all wrong.

Maybe this isn’t for global consumption. Maybe this is a piece of clever marketing targeted at that small group of highly influential ‘tastemakers’…the superstar pop songwriters whose names are behind some of the biggest selling songs of the past decade. It is bad enough having to listen to boy/girl bands destroy classic songs (see past posts on cover versions), but to think that the modern day successful songwriters are singing into songsmith is just too much to bear…

I am off to a darkened room for a moment of calm meditation…

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