This month we’ve got 18 tracks of fantastic summer tunes for you to listen to with our latest citizensound “It All Ads Up” podcast.

This is the first time we’ve used the rather excellent SoundCloud service to provide you with our regular podcast of our favourite tunes for all of you in advertising and brand land. If you want to download the podcast simply click on the downward facing arrow on the soundcloud player and your download  of “It All Ads Up” should start.  We hope you enjoy our little summer holiday soundtrack!

When we launched soundsearch, our bespoke music search and licensing facility, just over 12 months ago we wanted to deliver something different to the marketplace. We don’t have a fancy computerised system, but what we do have is over 40 years of music business experience and a huge collection and knowledge of music that can cover almost every base and genre imaginable.

We hope you enjoy this month’s podcast. If you want more information about soundsearch contact

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