What is the sound of your brand?

We help companies and institutions shape how people HEAR their brand, not just how they see it.

From the website to the ads, from the retail environment to the the sound of the app, the call centre or the product itself…people hear your brand everywhere.

5 sound steps:

  • We listen to every brand sound. This is the clever research bit. We call it brandNoise. We even listen to your competitors too
  • Next is brandWave where we measure your existing sonic investments against your brand goals.
  • Then we have soundStrategy, we help you shape a more strategic approach to your sonic and music investments.
  • soundEQ helps you to strengthen the impact of your sonic or music activities within and across each of your digital choices, be it your msite, website or social media activity
  • Stuff. We do lots of other stuff. We manage music marketing projects for clients and their agencies, leverage the power of social media to connect brands and people through music, negotiate deals with musicians, compose sonic logos, and much more.

If all you are looking for is some music or a special composition for your film, ad, company video or digital content, we can help here too.

Check out our soundsearch service if this all you need. Our support of the DIY music ethic means we have joyous access to incredible sounds that few have heard…

Take a look at some of the clients we have helped over here.